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  Must-see Soweto Attractions

The Iconic Cooling Towers
The two cooling towers are a prominent landmark in Soweto. They were built in 1951 to replace the spray pond cooling system used up to that time, and have over recent years been decorated with large-scale murals depicting the colourful culture and lifestyle of this bustling Township that has become a City. The towers are also used for bungee and base-jumping from a suspended bridge in the middle of the two monoliths.

Hector Pietersen Memorial Museum
Pieterson was the first victim killed in the Soweto Uprising of 1976. The museum was opened in 2002 and seems to be a 'must see' that's included on every tour of Soweto. The exhibits - mostly photographs and video footage - tell how the tensions built in the run up to the uprising, explaining why the students were so upset and why they were protesting.

Mandela House
Nelson Mandela's humble house in Orlando West, Soweto, now called the Mandela Family Museum, is an interesting stopover for those keen to imbibe a slice of authentic history on the world's most famous former prisoner. The museum, a house comprising four inter-leading rooms, contains a rather higgledy-piggledy assortment of memorabilia of the Mandela family as well as a collection of honorary doctorates bestowed on Nelson Mandela from universities and institutions around the world.

Local Pubs & Restaurants
Experience true Sowetan hospitality and enjoy an afternoon out at a local eatery or pub. Be sure to put Wandies Place on the top of your list! This cosy tavern is in the suburb of Dube, some 15km from the Jo'burg city centre, and is popular with both locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has played host to such luminaries as Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Airlines, Evander Holyfield, Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones and the All Blacks.

Freedom Square
In Kliptown, you can visit the recently modernised Freedom Square, a place where the Freedom Charter was adopted as the guiding document of the Congress Alliance. This was a gathering of various political and cultural formations representing different constituencies to map a way forward in the repressive climate of the 1950s. The charter was the guiding document of the African National Congress and envisaged an alternative non-racial dispensation in which "all shall be equal before the law.

Arts and Crafts
Be sure to make a turn by the
Ma Africa Art Gallery (011 984 2561), which is the first and only art gallery at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church, which itself is steeped in culture and etched in religious heritage. Be sure to find an interested display of originals by internationally recognised artists. Afterwards, compliment the day with a trip to the Alf Kumalo Photo Museum. Alf Kumalo is the brainchild veteran photojournalist whos prized works captured the very essence of the liberation struggle through the eyes of the youth.

Oppenheimer Gardens & Cultural Village
Incorporating the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village and Oppenheimer Tower, the Oppenheimer Gardens occupy several hectares. The park's many trees give it the appearance of a dense forest, and make it one of the few remaining bird sanctuaries in Soweto.

Inside the park, the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village contains a remarkable collection of sculptures and buildings, offering an outdoor museum of African art, culture and folklore, along with a medicinal flora paradise, still used by healers today.

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